On the island of Monalua, Serrator prepares a ceremony to cast a dark spell. Deker and Dayu eagerly await the attack. Mentor Ji informs the Rangers about the issue. Serrator mentions that the Rangers will come to the island but won't be able to leave.

The Rangers arrive to the island from the ferry. The citizens hide in their homes. The Rangers walk through the island until they find a boy running in the forest. Kevin and Emily comfort the boy, who thinks that they are the enemy. Kevin contacts the Rangers with his update. Dayu enters the scene against Kevin and Emily. Serrator greets Mike and Antonio. Deker welcomes Jayden and Mia. The Rangers morph into action and take on the opponents. Back at the Shiba House, Cody pays a visit to Mentor Ji with a package. The Rangers continue to fight. Deker insults Red Ranger for needing help from his friends. At the Sanzu River, Maldon reveals their new firepower. Octoroo is excited with the new weapons.

Mia tries to contact Mentor Ji. Jayden is upset by Deker's words. He feels that he needs to become stronger to defeat Deker. Jayden runs to the heart of the island, where he is greeted by Dayu. Mia joins the fight and tells him that she is sworn to protect him. The Rangers morph into action to face off against Dayu. The remainder Rangers and Serrator arrive to the scene. Serrator summons Maldon and the new Moogers. Red Ranger powers up to Super Samurai mode. Gold Ranger is struck hard by the Laser Blasters. The Rangers are surrounded by the new Moogers. Mentor Ji arrives to the scene to even the odds. He reveals the Bullzooka to the Red Ranger. Super Samurai Red Ranger uses the new weapon to defeat the Moogers. He turns his attention to Maldon. The two warriors face off in a fierce battle. Red Ranger combines the Spin Sword, Black Box, and Bullzooka to form the Super Bullzooka. The new weapon defeats the Nighlok, who immediately grows to his Mega Mode. The Rangers summon the Bull and Light Megazords. Maldon summons his Giant Moogers.

Red Ranger takes on the swarm of Moogers with the Bullzooka. The Rangers work together to defeat Maldon. Red Ranger finishes his fight and turns his attention to the fire. Deker insults Red Ranger and his new weapons. Red Raner aims the Super Bullzooka at Deker and fires at the flame. The spell is finally broken. Serrator stops Deker from attacking the Rangers. He summons Papyrux and Spit Fangs to do his bidding. The Rangers summon the Claw Armor Megazord. The formation defeats the Spit Fangs. Red Ranger upgrades to Shogun Mode. The new formation comes with a new Shogun Spear weapon. The Rangers form the Samurai Gigazord to defeat the Papyrux. Mia tells Jayden that Deker was wrong. Mentor Ji overhears the Mike and Emily's conversation.