The Shinkengers (costumed)

The Shinkengers.

Obviously the main protagonists in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger , they are the Shinkengers themselves.

Team PremiseEdit

Using the mystical power known as "Modikara" (モヂカラ(文力) Mojikara?, translated as "Character Power"), these six youths can transform into the Shinkengers to combat the Gedoushu.

Team MembersEdit

Takeru Shiba Edit

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Kaoru Shiba Edit

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Kaoru Shiba is the real eighteenth head of the Shiba House, a position that Takeru was holding in her place.

(志葉 丈瑠/シンケンレッド Shiba Takeru/Shinken Reddo?)
Shinken Red, The 18th head of the Shiba clan and descendant of feudal lords, Takeru was reared since childhood by Hikoma Kusakabe to accomplish his family's legacy. Though he is cold and strict, he also cares the most about his friends and their mission. His main weapon is the zanbato.

Mako ShiraishiEdit

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Shinken Pink. (白石 茉子/シンケンピンク Shiraishi Mako/Shinken Pinku?) Mako is a strong-willed girl who fights for her own ideals. When she saw Takeru taking his responsibilities seriously, she decided to join the group. She loves children and worked at a kindergarten prior to becoming Takeru's vassal. Her main weapon is the war fan.

Ryunosuke IkenamiEdit

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Shinken Blue. (池波 流ノ介/シンケンブルー Ikenami Ryūnosuke/Shinken Burū? Ryunosuke is a young man who gave up becoming a kabuki actor to answer the call of serving the Shiba clan. Due to his parents' upbringing, he is extremely enthusiastic and takes his role as Takeru's vassal seriously. His fierce loyalty and enthusiasm brings much comic relief. His main weapon is the yumi.

Kotoha HanaoriEdit

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Shinken Yellow. (花織 ことは/シンケンイエロー Hanaori Kotoha/Shinken Ierō?) Kotoha is a gentle girl who worked in a bamboo shop and is skilled in both the flute and martial arts. She became Takeru's vassal in place of her older sister who fell ill. While her gentleness is criticized by Takeru, he is satisfied by her determination and willingness to do her part. Her main weapon is the shuriken.

Chiaki Tani Edit

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Shinken Green. (谷 千明/シンケングリーン Tani Chiaki/Shinken Gurīn?) Irresponsibility, selfishness and arrogance best describes this lazy young man. Chiaki had no interest in becoming Takeru's vassal and often clashes with him. He is a great strategist despite his delinquency, and comes to respect Takeru as a rival when he realizes the limits of his own abilities. His main weapon is the yari.

Genta Umemori Edit

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Shinken Gold. (梅盛 源太/シンケンゴールド Umemori Genta/Shinken Gōrudo?) Genta is a childhood friend of Takeru, running his sushi stand and mastering his own personal Modikara.

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