Adapted from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The first Power Ranger season to go back into production after a year hiatus from its previous season: Power Rangers R.P.M.. The first series in 10 years to be under the control of Saban Entertainment. The last time Saban produced a Power Rangers series was Power Rangers Time Force in 2001. The first season of the 'Power Rangers' since Power Rangers Zeo to have a reworked version of 'Go Go Power Rangers', the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme tune. Actor Ricardo Medina Jr. who portrays "Deker" was actually the Red Ranger for the 2002 season of Power Rangers Wild Force. He played Cole Evans. The tune for The Doorbell Chime at Shiba House is the same tune for The Comunicators in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which is also the tune to "Go-Go Power Rangers. Rene Naufahu who plays Mentor-Ji was also Emperor Gruumm in Power Rangers S.P.D.. The sixth power rangers series that the character of Bulk as a regular. With appearances in Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Space, and Lost Galaxy, he is the most used character in the entire franchise.