Mike is the Green Ranger of the 2011 series, Power Rangers Samurai .


Mike isn't a troublemaker, but he is a bit of a rebel. He loves video games and hanging out with his friends. And although he is a very talented Ranger, this free spirit's wild, goofy sense of humor doesn't always line up with the ways of the Samurai. But this shouldn't stop him from giving his all to every battle. He feels like his skills are lacking, but trains hard to be at the same level as the others. His element is of the forest.

As A RangerEdit

Full Name: Mike
Ranger Designation: Green Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Forest Spear
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Bear Folding Zord, Beetle Basher


  • Mike is the first Ranger in the Samurai team who is latino/hispanic. The second being Jayden's longtime friend Antonio Garcia, who is the Gold Ranger.
  • The name Mike was previously used as a name for a previous Power Ranger and of that was Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy's Mike Corbett/Magna Defender.
  • Mike is the second Green Ranger who is Latino following Carlos (Turbo-In Space).
  • The first Green Ranger themed after a bear, while his Folding Zord is a bear.

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