Jayden is the Red Ranger of the 2011 series Power Rangers: Samurai . The leader of the Samurai Rangers. His team consists Mia , the Pink Ranger, Mike the Green Ranger, Kevin , the Blue Ranger, Emily , the Yellow Ranger, and his long-time friend Antonio Garcia, the Gold Ranger.


Like his Zord, the lion, Jayden is a ferocious, mature, and adventurous leader. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, every breath counts. He is kind and caring but knows how to be firm when the time comes. He also has a secret that he must keep from all the other Rangers. His element is of Fire.

As A RangerEdit

Full Name: Jayden
Ranger Designation: Red Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Fire Smasher
Gear: Samuraizer, Black Box
Zord: Lion Folding Zord

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